The Babylonian Army Drives Red Chevy Volts

Silly image of Tissot's nice watercolor of Nahum the prophet, butchered by having him thinking of a red Chevy Volt.

We ponder Nahum's prophesy regarding Assyria, Nineveh, Judah and modern automobiles. We stop to examine some 7th century place names and Nahum's reluctance to use the wicked city Nineveh's name. While we poke a little fun of the modern car idea, we urge other Christians not to do so.

Psalms Have a Verse Zero

The Book of Psalms places headings and labels at the beginning of 116 out of the 150 Psalms. In Hebrew-based publications of the Tanakh and Psalms, these headings are numbered as verse one. In Christian Bibles, these headings are not numbered. And so, for these 116 Psalms, the verse numbers are off by one as one compares Jewish and Christian printings.